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SACAA Fixed Wing Pilot Exam Preparation

We provide PPL mock exams, CPL mock exams, ATPL mock exams, and IR mock exams.



We are leaders in aviation examination preparation, making available over 16000 practice exam questions for the Commercial, Integrated ATP, and ATP pilot exams and realistic mock examinations to prepare you adequately for the SACAA examinations.

Questionbank System

Questionbank has been designed to facilitate all Pilot students studying towards their CPL, IATP, ATP, PPL, and IR(Operational Procedures) by providing up to date practice questions and up to date, realistic mock examinations to assist the individual in being adequately prepared to sit the relevant SACAA examinations. Includes practice questions and realistic, up-to-date mock examinations pertaining to the relevant syllabi.


Questionbank strives to monitor these revisions thereby ensuring that the examination questions they choose are based on key learning objectives for each specified subject pertaining to the new syllabus. Our Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) have obtained vast teaching experience in the JAA, SACAA, EASA, and FAA training syllabi as well as being part of discussions in the transition from JAA to EASA.


Video Explanations

Short Video explanations to add in the answering of questions and widen knowledge from our distance learning package 

Cross Platform

Web compatible with any device Tablet, PC or Phone

Exam Results

Get your Results once you have completed your exam, 

Question Reporting

Submit a Query or Issue on your question and have it resolved by a SME

Flag Questions

Flag your questions to review after the exam or to run by your instructor 

Custom Exams

Custom your exam to your spesific subject

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