QuestionBank has a Piper Arrow PA28R-200 available to its users for Hire and fly within the borders of The Republic of South Africa.
The Arrow is a great choice for a pilot with little complex aircraft experience and for those who appreciate a complex aircraft that is not complex to fly.

Designed by Piper to be an easy step up for pilots transitioning from a trainer to a single with retractable landing gear and controllable -pitch propeller, It has the same predictable handling as the Cherokee line of singles in which many pilots have learned to fly. It is faster and has a better aerodynamic profile,
thanks to its retractable gear allowing you to chew through the miles at a satisfying pace, yet not gaining too much speed to get you into trouble.
The aircraft is currently based at Wonderboom National Airport.

Engine: Lycoming IO-360-C1C
Horsepower: 200 hp
Propeller: Hartzell 2-blade constant speed
Length: 7.4m
Height:  2.44m
Wingspan: 9.14m
Seats: 4
Maximum Gross Weight:    1 202kg
Operating Weight: 999kg
Max Payload: 376kg
Fuel Capacity: 189L (181L useable)
Fuel Burn:  40L per hour

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